Dhol Masterclass with Johnny Kalsi

Gamelan Workshops
Date: Saturday 10 March 2018
Time: 11am - 3pm
Price: £25
Venue: More Music The Hothouse 13-17 Devonshire Road Morecambe LA3 1QT
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Described as a Master of the Dhol and if you have ever seen Johnny Kalso perform you would have witnessed the power of him and his rhythmic energy and grooves.
In this masterclass he will share his unique way of playing, his traditional rhythmic knowledge and he will open your ears to new collaborative possibilities. The session will breakdown Indian rhythms, hands on understanding of dhol rhythms and cadences.
It is for musicians who work with rhythm and want to be inspired in this great musical world as well as advance to another level.
Dhols can be provided.
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