Chorley Music Centre

Lancashire Music Service runs a network of music centres throughout the County where young musicians of all levels of experience can play together in bands and ensembles and sing in choirs, offering an ideal progression route from Whole Class Ensemble Tuition alongside opportunities for more advanced students.


Choir 4pm – 4.45pm
For anyone who loves to sing, including musicians who are members of the other music centre ensembles at the Music Centre.
Suitable for all.

Wind Band 5pm – 5.30pm
A dynamic and engaging ensemble for brass and wind players, playing a wide variety of music including Disney tunes and film themes.
Suitable for grade 1 to grade 5 standard.

String Ensemble 4.45pm – 5.15pm
A friendly and fun mixed strings ensemble for violins, violas and cellos.
Suitable for beginner to grade 3 standard.

Guitar Group 4.40pm – 5.10pm
A friendly and relaxed group for guitar players to develop their technique and skills through ensemble playing.
Suitable for beginner to grade 3 standard.

Junior Band 5.45pm – 6.30pm
A fun and lively ensemble for wind and brass beginners.
Suitable for beginner to grade 2 standard.

Tuition is available on woodwind, brass, keyboard/piano, guitar, drums, strings

Joining ensembles and groups at Music Centre costs just £75 for the year with our Silver Subscription, which includes membership of as many groups as you like, including our Online Sessions! Costs are kept low as they’re subsidised by our Music Education Hub grant.

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Monday 3.30pm - 6.30pm (term-time only) Southlands School



Age Ranges

  • Classical
  • Brass / Wind Band
  • Brass
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Strings
  • Woodwind
  • Guitar / Bass
  • Keyboards
  • Singing / Choir
  • Ensembles
  • Tuition
  • Key Stage 3: age 11-14
  • Key Stage 4: age 14-16
  • Key Stage 5: age 16-18
  • Key Stage 2: age 7-11
  • Key Stage 1: age 5-7