LMH Upgrades its music offer for secondary schools..

A Big Band Extravaganza! 26th February

Play Music, Make Music with LMH Music Upgrades!

Lancashire Music Hub created a new and improved music offer designed specifically for secondary schools. We want to support secondary schools and their pupils in the region with their music provision. We have worked closely with teachers in schools and consulted our partners, More Music, Charanga and David Ashworth, to bring secondary schools a range of musical opportunities that will assist the challenges  facing schools in bringing music to their pupils and we’re using funding to provide this offer.

The offer  launched in July 2018 incorporates music opportunities for pupils as well as training or consultancy session for teachers and staff. The music offer for pupils ranges from instrument sessions to rapping and online VIP Music Sessions.

The offer has been rolled offer out to schools in July and again now in September 2018, with  the aim to get more secondary schools involved in providing a music offer in school.

To find out more about the Play Music, Make Music offer – visit here.