Made in Room 6, exploring new music making…

Made in Room 6 are a creative electronic music collective from Lancaster Girls Grammar School. They meet weekly at the school with the aim of creating and performing original music. The group work with Ableton Live software which is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) particularly suited to both creation and performance.

The group is led by Lancashire Music Hub tutor and musician, Dave Shooter. Dave set up the group with the help of LGGS Head of Music Paul Swannell to provide an alternative and complimentary pathway through the school music world. And because he knew it would be enormous fun for the students (and him!).

“The constant flow of inspirational ideas thrown at me by the amazing musicians in the group is great to experience!” – Dave Shooter.

Made in Room 6 recently performed a joint concert with the Lancashire Schools Symphony Orchestra. The concert premiered two original pieces written for orchestra and electronics by members of the group as well as a remix of John Adams’ Short Ride in a Fast Machine for orchestra and improvised electronics. 

Grace, Made in Room 6 musician, explained more about the new music created for the concert:

“We wrote for the orchestra with the idea that we would combine this with our electronic instruments in the pieces. One of the pieces is more traditionally written, whereas the other is based on loops which provided us with lots of room to experiment with different electronic instruments and effects.”

Paul Swannell, Music Director for LSSO said about the joint concert:

“It was a superb day of music making with the electronic music collective Made in Room 6. The young musicians of the LSSO rose to the occasion and absolutely nailed Short Tide in a Fast Machine!! Well done to all involved” 

Made in Room 6 are a great example of how electronic music can influence and inspire young musicians to embrace new music, work together and be creative. The group also showcases how electronic instruments can be utilised alongside more traditional instruments facilitating the young musicians to develop a whole range of new skills.

Elisse, Made in Room 6 musician – “In the future we hope to see more music production, more concerts and collaborations and new members joining for this amazing opportunity to learn all of these skills that otherwise wouldn’t be taught to people of my age group in schools.”