Musical Route: A Landscape for Music Education

Musical Routes, A Landscape for Music Education, is an independently commissioned report into the provision of musical education for school-aged children and young people in England, by Sarah Derbyshire MBE in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Society (published 25 September 2015). The report concludes that musical provision is failing to reach children from all social and ethnic backgrounds, and a ‘postcode lottery’ results in inequity of opportunity.

  • Report finds that inequity of opportunity is exacerbated by a bias in the music education sector towards formal learning that undervalues a broader approach to musical learning.
  • Many children and families simply don’t realise what opportunities for musical learning are available: music education and professional music organisations don’t co-ordinate effectively to articulate the full range and variety of musical routes.
  • There is widespread good practice, but a postcode lottery sees lean pickings for musical learning in some parts of England, and a feast of opportunity in others.

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