PBone, Trombone and Tutor Trios on Tour!

Since the beginning of the academic year, our ‘Trombone Trio’  have been on a tour of the county with a little help from pBone.
Schools have been treated to an interactive workshop led by Lancashire Music Hub trombone tutors: Jay Hall, Ryan Watkins and Chris Guénault. The workshop aims to deliver an engaging and high impact experience for pupils. They are introduced to brass instruments for the first time with a focus on the trombone.

Ranging from performances by the trio of classical, film and pop music, to first notes on pBones by students, the workshops have been well received everywhere. PBone is the world’s first plastic trombone; it’s a lot of fun but also a quality musical instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals.

Workshop leader Jay Hall commented: “The workshops have been fantastic. The addition of the pBones graciously supplied by Warwick Music have enabled us to allow more children than ever before to try the trombone for the first time and experience the joy of playing a musical instrument that is so accessible.”

One Music Corodinator commented “Thank you so much for the amazing assembly this morning at School. The children really enjoyed it! My class are very excited, they think they’ll  be learning how to play the trombone. Thank you again to all of you, it was a great start to the week! 

Lancashire Music Service looks forward to working on more projects with pBones in the future.