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Lancashire Music Hub Workshops and Projects

Inspiring one off workshops and projects can enrich and enhance your regular school music activities and also often offer a great opportunity for cross-curricular work.

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LMS One-off Taster Workshops

These hands-on sessions are designed to inspire your pupils and encourage them to think about playing an instrument. Working with one of our experienced staff over 2 hours, your pupils will have the opportunity to try out instruments and perform a simple piece together.

LMS One-off Singing Workshops

The benefits of regular singing in schools, both academic and social, are widely recognised. These one-off singing workshops are designed to inspire and encourage your pupils.

LMS Six-week Sing

A weekly, 1-hour visit from a specialist for 6 weeks to kick-start singing in your school, perhaps in the lead-up to a festival or school production. A fantastic experience for pupils but also a great way to give staff more confidence to lead singing. We can work with groups of any size and can either provide appropriate repertoire or work on material provided by your school.

Chinese Music & Culture Workshops

Bring Chinese music and culture into your school with More Music’s bespoke workshops

Percussion and Drumming Workshops

More Music’s workshops are suitable for all ages, abilities and are ideal for classes of up 20. The workshops run for at least one hour, and are perfect for out of hours clubs, lunch times and after school.

Music Technology Workshops

The half-day music technology workshop is suitable for Key Stage 2-5 and can run for a half-day workshop to over the course of one year. Taking place either in the More Music studio or within schools.

Beatbox and Rap Workshops

Beatvox sessions are a great way to get children to engage with vocalisation, when they are more reluctant to get involved with singing. The four sessions also help to promote literacy skills, such as include poetic devices, for example, metaphors and similes; linguistic concepts such as phonetics, fricatives and plosives; and oratory skills, like delivery and confidence.

SEND Music Workshop

More Music’s bespoke SEND workshops are for learners of all ages with special education needs. They can run wherever you or your learners are based, either as a one-off courses or on a regular basis. Single workshops are great to introduce variation to routines and develop new skills.  Longer-term programmes – whether for a few weeks or for the whole year – allow significant, sometimes life-changing, progress to be made.

Singing and Choirs Workshops

These workshops are great for helping classes or big groups come together in this feel-good activity. It’s perfect for developing literacy and can be linked to other areas of the curriculum.

Songwriting Workshops

These half-day to full day workshops are aimed at all types of classes.

Creative Composition Workshops

Songwriting and Composition workshops

These workshops are ideal for children of all ages, group sizes abilities, and are ran over half or full day sessions, which can extend over a period of time.

Ukulele Workshops

Ukulele Workshops

This workshop is ideal for whole class or small groups, ran over a term.

Become a Band Workshops

Perfect for 10-18 Secondary school pupils, but can be adapted to other Key Stages as well. Typically ran in out of hours clubs, lunchtimes and after school.

BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Ten Pieces Workshops

More Music is an official Champion of Ten Pieces, an exciting new initiative for primary schools led by BBC Learning and the BBC Performing Groups, focusing on classical music and creativity.

It aims to open up the world of classical music to children – and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the pieces through music, dance or digital art.

Early Years Morning/Day Sessions and Programmes

An interactive workshop with this energetic and inspiring group of professional musicians with songs and activities specially designed for Early Years and Foundation Stage and KS1, linked to the Early Music Makers book.

Our newsletter is the best way to keep up to date with musical opportunities and events.

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