Beatbox and Rap Workshops

Beatbox sessions are a great way to get children to engage with vocalisation, when they are more reluctant to get involved with singing. The four sessions also help to promote literacy skills, such as include poetic devices, for example, metaphors and similes; linguistic concepts such as phonetics, fricatives and plosives; and oratory skills, like delivery and confidence.

Beatboxing and rap are great ways of getting children in your school to use their voices musically if they are reluctant to sing.  These sessions from More Music been most popular with boys, who are often less keen to sing, but girls also love to beatbox and rap.  The writing can be easily linked to any theme your class is covering.

These sessions cover beatboxing and rap techniques, the history of the genre, lyric writing, poetry and literacy skills, composing songs and performing. It’s also a good way to reinforce basic maths, as there is a strong focus on the measures and beats used in beatboxing. Not only that but there’s plenty of room to practise through fun and games to keep everyone engaged.

Suitable for any Key Stage.

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Age Ranges

  • Ensembles
  • Workshop
  • Project