Wind, Brass and Percussion Inspire



Our Wind, Brass and Percussion Inspire ensemble is a fantastic opportunity to meet and play with other young musicians from across Lancashire. We play musical games and learn several pieces for a performance each term, developing our musical knowledge as we go along.


We are open to all young musicians from Year 2 upwards who play a wind, brass or percussion instrument. Don’t worry if your child is a new starter – some of our current members only knew one note when they joined Inspire and have made amazing progress. There is always a friendly and productive atmosphere, with our more experienced members helping to encourage and support the younger children.


Members of the Lancashire Youth Concert Band regularly help us with mentoring and side-by-side playing experiences, as well as performing with us in joint concerts. As each young musician advances, there will be the opportunity to move up to the senior Band

Joining Inspire costs just £82.50 (payable termly) for the year with our Silver Subscription, which includes membership of as many groups as you like, including at our Music Centres! Costs are kept low as they’re subsidised by our Music Education Hub grant.

To find out more, please contact for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Wind, Brass and Percussion Inspire ensemble is an opportunity for young musicians in the early stages of their musical journey to meet and play with other young people from across the whole of Lancashire.

All Rehearsals at Lostock Hall Academy

Saturday 6th January – Rehearsal 7

Saturday 20th January – Rehearsal 8

Saturday 3rd February – Rehearsal 9

Saturday 24th February – Rehearsal 10

Saturday 9th March – Rehearsal 11

Saturday 23rd March – Rehearsal 12

Saturday 20th April – Brass Day at St Michael’s High School, Chorley

*** Saturday 27th April – Woodwind Day at Lostock Hall Academy
– Full day – 10am-3.30pm

Saturday 4th May – Percussion Day (Venue TBC)

** Saturday 11th May – Rehearsal 13

Saturday 18th May – Rehearsal 14

Saturday 8th June – Concert (with LYCB) at Lancaster Priory
– Concert – 2pm-3pm (rehearsal/arrival TBC)

** Saturday 29th June – Rehearsal 14

Saturday 6th July – Rehearsal 15

Saturday 13th July – Concert (with LYCB) at Emmanuel Methodist, Ormskirk
– Concert 2pm-4pm (rehearsal/arrival TBC)

** Rearranged dates
*** Woodwind day 2024 will be based on a concert band and so involve all members, including
brass and percussion.
Please be aware that rehearsal and concert dates may change due to unforeseen
circumstances. We will give you as much notice as possible



Age Ranges

  • Classical
  • Brass / Wind Band
  • Brass
  • Drums / Percussion
  • Woodwind
  • Ensembles
  • Key Stage 3: age 11-14
  • Key Stage 4: age 14-16
  • Key Stage 5: age 16-18
  • Key Stage 2: age 7-11