Music Technology Workshops

The music technology workshop is suitable for Key Stage 2-5 and can run for a half-day workshop to over the course of one year. Taking place either in the More Music studio or within schools.

Students will learn about professional recording, mixing and sequencing technology – both hardware and software – and discover the history of electronic music.

Sessions can be ran as an introduction to the main concepts and to encourage experimentation, or work with schools to create a unique programme of weekly sessions to maximise the potential for group development and the production of finished recordings at the end of term.

The workshops cover:

  • Computer music production: sequencing, arrangement, mixing and use of effects
  • Creative use of synthesizers and electronic instruments
  • Multitrack recording – both in a studio and on location
  • DJing skills – turn-tabling and mixing
  • Theory – including the history of electronic music

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Age Ranges

  • Urban / Electronic
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Music Technology / Recording
  • Ensembles
  • Workshop
  • Project