LMS Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)

A Lancashire Music Service teacher will visit your school each week to work with the pupils alongside the class teacher and teaching assistants. This inclusive and fun approach to music making provides all pupils (and participating staff!) with a positive experience of both learning an instrument and playing together in an ensemble.

WCET is designed to complement and support the wider school music curriculum with progress recognised through built-in performance opportunities and an end of year assessment.

Through WCET, your pupils…

“Every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole class ensemble teaching”

(The Importance of Music; A National Plan for Music Education, DfE DCMS)

Lancashire Music Service WCET includes:

WCET Instrument Options

*saxophone from Year 5

What you need to provide:

Typical delivery pattern is usually 1 hour contact time with 15 minutes planning/set up. There are 38 sessions over the year with a minimum of 34 teaching sessions and any remaining are used for performances, planning and evaluation, checking instruments.

£1487.50 per year  (34 weeks) one term option available. Additional weeks £43.75.

Arts Award is a national qualification which develops young peoples’ engagement with the arts and builds their creative and leadership skills. We can support you to integrate Arts Award Discover and Explore into your WCET programme.

See Lancashire Music Service Brochure for further information.



  • Ensembles

Age Ranges

  • Key Stage 2: age 7-11
  • Key Stage 1: age 5-7