FREE Music Resource for Music Teachers KS2 to KS5

Music technology specialist and practitioner David Ashworth has provided a free resource for music teachers which demonstrates how iReal Pro app works – covering the essential functionality of the app. It goes on to give examples how teachers might use this resource with their students, by suggesting a range of activities. These include

  • Creating and playing song backings
  • Working with different musical styles and genres
  • Whole class instrumental learning
  • Songwriting

iReal Pro is a music application for iOS or Android devices.  Upload a chord sequence to the display and a ‘virtual band’ will play the song in a key, tempo and style of your choice. You can download it from an app store on tablets.

This helpful resource is being made freely available to all classroom music teachers across Lancashire.

To access your free download, get in touch with David Ashworth via the ‘Contact Me’ page on the following website  Leave your name and school to receive a free download code.

David Ashworth has been helping teachers and their students use music technology effectively for over 20 years. He writes articles, blogs, gives conference and INSET presentations and makes highly regarded, best selling resources for many of the top organisations in music education. Recent clients include BBC, Music Sales, Scholastic, Rhinegold Publications and Friday Afternoons. He was the editor of the pioneering Teaching Music website, bringing music teachers together to share and collaborate in an online space.