A Joyful Celebration of Lancashire History through Story and Song

This summer over 400 school pupils and young musicians took part in the Lancashire Sagas culmination at Blackpool Winter Gardens. The performance was the product of a unique collaboration between Lancashire Music Hub and Lancashire Heritage Learning, embracing the strong connection between cultural heritage and music, focusing on the intangible heritage of Lancashire; its stories songs, people and places.

The Lancashire Sagas songs have been written by schools or youth ensembles working together with the folk group , the Young’ns and practitioners from the Music Hub and Heritage Team. Children and young people were inspired by a visit to a local museum or historical site and encouraged to create words and music that represented their own interpretation or perspective. Alongside our ten “creating” schools, we were also joined by an additional seven “performing” schools for the show.

The songs will be available later this year as an online resource.

“The children loved taking part, their enthusiasm is infectious!! One of our adults attending was our chair of governors who was able to see first hand your amazing work and how the children benefit from it. Our parents are so supportive of what we do. They loved the show, how it was put together, the variety of performances. They have shared how amazing the children were and have worked out that there should be another show before their children leave for high school!! Thank you for all your hard work”

“Our children have deepened and developed their understanding and knowledge of history, literacy, art, media and all through the medium of music. They have come together as a group of musicians, supporting each other and their love of performance is now shining through. They thoroughly enjoyed working with the Young’uns and will speak highly of the project for years to come I am sure”

Feedback from participating schools