More Music Announces Appointment of New Artistic Director

More Music is delighted to announce the appointment of Loz Kaye as Artistic Director and successor to Pete Moser who founded the organisation in 1993.

Since then More Music, from its base in the West End of Morecambe, has grown and developed significantly, employing 15 people as well as a host of freelance artists. It has become an organisation with an international profile and a reputation for excellence and innovation in community music.

Under the leadership of Pete Moser, More Music has successfully responded to changing funding environments whilst retaining its core vision for a society where access to, and engagement with arts and culture transforms lives and communities.

Long term commitment to Morecambe, an excellent creative programme and large-scale, high profile inclusive community music projects have given individuals from all walks of life opportunities to progress.

Often described as ‘game-changers through music’ More Music’s newly appointed Artistic Director Loz Kaye, will continue to develop this legacy. The mission continues to focus on supporting individuals to raise aspirations, develop their musical understanding and skills and to improve community cohesion.

Loz Kaye is musical director, choir leader, educator, workshop leader, composer and advocate for inspiring communities. His work has been heard from Nashville, Tennessee to Okinawa, Japan.

“I am completely thrilled to be joining an organisation that is such a leading force in empowering┬á individuals and communities through music. All my work has been about helping people to find their voice through creative arts. I’m very much looking forward to leading the conversation about why music is needed in education and in our public life. Pete Moser is an incredible inspiration, he has been to me, like so many others. He has given a fantastic legacy that we can continue to build on together in More Music.” Said Loz.

Jane Beardsworth, Director North, Arts Council England:

“Pete Moser has been instrumental on the community music scene in and around Morecambe and internationally for over 20 years delivering workshops, training, performances and festivals. His work has really helped to transform communities by creating opportunities for everyone to get involved in arts activities and particularly in music. Pete will be very much missed by everyone who has worked with him and we wish him well in the future. And we welcome Loz and look forward to working with him.”