Parents: Why music?

Why Learn Music?

  1. Music is fun! Above all, you should learn to play or sing because it’s enjoyable and you will possess a skill that many people wish they had.
  2. Academic achievement Studies show a direct link between academic, language and motor skill development and learning music.
  3. Music relieves stress Playing music or singing is known to relieve stress and enhance your self- awareness making you feel more positive.
  4. You can build your confidence and self-esteem Learning to sing or play a musical instrument develops your sense of aspiration and achievement.
  5. It’s a social activity You have more opportunities to meet people that share the same interests through taking part in groups and you develop listening and team working skills.
  6. It will develop your creativity Music stimulates the creative side of your brain making you open to new ideas and helping you express your emotions.
  7. Learning music teaches discipline and responsibility It teaches you that the amount of effort you put into your practice will reflect in the way you sound.

Watch the below video which highlights precisely the magic music making has on a child’s development.

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