Schools: Lancashire Rocks

Lancashire Rocks is a practical approach for Key Stage 3 students to build their existing passion for music.

“Lancashire Rocks is a creative and engaging approach to learning that my students absolutely love. It’s a journey of getting the chance to try out and play a range of rock band instruments to performing in a band that we simply couldn’t provide without this initiative provided by Lancashire Music Service.”

Through inclusive and engaging sessions, jointly delivered by a visiting teacher alongside your staff, we create a cooperative and supportive environment for pupils with whole-group composing, improvising, and small-group instrumental skill building to band work. Lancashire Rocks includes a 1 hour weekly visit from a specialist teacher and the loan of instruments and equipment.

What you need to provide:

  •  A suitable space with access to a screen, projector and sound system
  •  The time for the teacher to co-deliver the lessons
  •  Storage and care for the instruments which includes various rock band instruments and amps
  •  Internet access

Cost: £1310.10 per year (34 weeks) Additional weeks £38.50. Maximum 34 pupils per class.

We can work with you to support pupils to continue their musical journey. We can provide instrumental and vocal tuition in your school through an SLA or through our Parent Direct Payment Scheme. We also provide opportunities out of school through Music Centres, ensembles, workshops and projects, which provide accessible opportunities for musicians at all levels.

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